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April 22, 1899

April 23rd
My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear letter, I am glad you went to the Party and also that you enjoyed it. Of course, I should have enjoyed it too if I had had the chance. I suppose you forgot to tell Mrs Edwards she didn’t write me. I shall leave off troubling about this plane**.

I don’t know that there is any truth in the report that they intend to close it. They are bound to say something soon because Mrs Barron will have to renew the licence on the 5th of May. Lady Powis goes to town that day. I hope they won’t want me to do duty there.

I don’t understand from you letter if its Lady C**- or Mrs Bell and who wants to give you your wedding dress, I hope you won’t have it whichever it is. You must get that yourself or I will.

I have worked on stud groom to come, we have got on very well together, he says he would like to come. You won’t mind will you dear? I believe most of the People go tomorrow, hope they won’t forget me.

Fondest love.

From your own,

Very kind of Alice and Fe** to give you a tea service. I expect my presents will be few in comparison to yours. Well can’t help it, must buy a few.

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