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January 12, 1898

My dear Jinnie,

I am glad you got the Birds safely and also that you will take Charlie one. I am sorry to hear that he is ill but hope that he is better by this.

I had a letter from Mother this morning; she does not seem at all well. She wants me to go home soon and would like you to go as well. I said to here when I work before Xmas to say that I couldn’t go home, that possibly I should go in Feb. When our People went hunting, she asks me every time now when I am going; we are not quite sure about the Party on the 24th now. I don’t think her Ladyship will come, so if that’s the case, we shan’t want Waiters, but you must not tell either of them that.

I have been trying to fish this morning but no good, they wouldn’t have any.

I hope you will take care of yourself at The Ball. By the way, I don’t think you read my letters or you don’t trouble to answer, which is it? I asked you when the Ball was at Taplow and I think Elliot has a fair amount of cheek, of course Ted won’t ask.

Anyway, I must try and get a bit of shooting this week; it will soon be over. I am going over to Market Drayton on Monday to see about this Hunting base. I hope I shan’t have to stay there but shall get out of it if possible.

Trusting you are much better. I am, with fondest love, your own Bob.

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