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January 10, 1898

My dear Jinnie,

I am sending you some Birds. You had better eat the small ones first. I hope by this the cold is better. Our Party is put off until the 24th through influenza but I am glad to say that the patients are much better now. The stable men are just beginning with it now. I hear it’s rather bad in London.

What Ball is it you are going to at Taplow? I hope you will enjoy yourself, also Ted.

Mother is not very well but have not heard lately. Our People have taken a house at Market Drayton; Peat Wood is the name. They go there the first of Feb for the Hunting. I don’t know if I shall have to go, but hope not.

I hope your Father enjoyed his visit, but of course he would. Have you seen anything of Lee or Annie lately? I heard from Lee, but nothing from Annie. Please remember me to Charlie B. when you see him.

I think I have a touch of the influ – but not much.

Fondest love from your own Bob.

2 reponses to "January 10, 1898"

1. I'm reading it as patients

I'm reading it as patients

2. I think you are right! I

I think you are right! I have edited the page to reflect your suggestion - thank you!

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