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September 22, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

I have just received the ** ****** - they were forwarded from Powis Castle, many many thanks, they came just in time; I should have had to get some on Monday.

I am sorry Mother said anything to Nance, but I don’t think for one moment she meant anything, and Nance must have been an infernal idiot to have told you, at the same time, there is no reason why you should visit it on me. If you hadn’t other admirers you would not be in the fashion.

I have had to come over here to see to the wine. We have a man from London to uncork etc. and have found 60 dozen bad; it was bottled in 1815 and ought to have been seen to years ago.

I am glad you are enjoying yourself going to parties, Theatres etc, but of course you don’t go alone.

Fondest love from you own Bob.

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