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October 27, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

I have kept you rather long again but you really must not mind. I have a good deal to do. We have had a lunch party and a Tea fight today. Lady Powis is President of the Montgomery Needlework Guild. We have a Party coming in on Monday next.

Slater and Elliot are coming down, I believe my Mother was in London, or perhaps is now, but of course you would be sure to see her.

I have to come up to London next month according to present arrangements, but of course it’s sure to be altered. I am to come up with her Ladyship and a footman at the same time Lord Powis goes to Walcot taking the Valet and one footman and another man with him. The under Butler and two others stay here. How would Camp like to have his staff divided like that? I hope your side is better.

Fondest love from your own Bob.

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