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October 14, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear letter. I really didn’t know that I kept you so long last time. I have sent you two brace of Partridges. They all seem to be good. They were only killed yesterday; you had better eat them yourself, no use giving them away.

Will Shore and Nance are still at Himley. He is not well and won’t be able to leave there for some days. Mother comes up to London with them for a few days; I shall write and tell her not too, she was very ill the last time.

We have another Party coming in on Monday and another from the first of Nov. to the 10th. I shall want three Waiters for that.

I believe I left your paper at Walcot. I am very sorry, but if I find it I will send it at once, don’t you think I forget you, because you know different.

The Major asked me to go out with him shooting, but of course I shall not shoot.

I hope you are keeping well.
Fondest love from your own Bob.

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