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March 17, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

Here I am writing to you safe and sound and I hope you got over my flying visit. I must try to let you know the next time, but supposing I did let you know and then did not turn up, it would be terrible; what am I to do? I generally let things take their course which I believe is best, don’t you? Of course every body was delighted to have me back because there is no one to **** on while I am away.

Well dear, you will be pleased to hear that I have heard something more of that Hotel. My friend was down at Hertford (must have been the same time we were talking about it) and he is loud in his praises, and if I don’t take it, he will (stop). It’s not going yet, but I am to have the first offer, but shall know more about it later on. It might be going soon or it may be sometime, can’t tell, but will let you know in good time.

So now love, must close. With fondest love from your own
Did I tell you I lost his stick? Well, I’ve found it.

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