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December 30, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear letter. I hope you are keeping well and enjoying yourself, no doubt you are though. I have nothing much to do here and no where to go to so shall be very pleased when they come home. I don’t quite see what you have done to our Nance. I hear they went to Lees for Xmas day. I am glad he is better though. Mother was not very well the last time I heard from her; I hope she is better now.

That letter you forwarded to me was from Poll. She must have forgotten I have left Cowpers.

Our People don’t come back here until next Saturday. Please tell Ted that I shan’t want him on the 10th – not so many coming. They are hunting from Brocklesby this year again, so perhaps I may get a few days off then.

So my own, I must wish you a very happy new year. With fondest love from your own Bob.

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