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August 20, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear letter. To put matters somewhat awry, Lord Powis comes back here on Monday. There is no grouse to shoot; they have put off all the guests for LLymystyn. So ends my only chance of holiday. Well, it can’t be helped, but I know I shall not have another chance for months. I shall try to come up to London to see you later. I hope you will forgive me for really, it’s no fault of mine.

I shan’t be able to get any grouse to send you, but will send you some Partridges when they come into season on the 1st of Sept.

I hope dear that you are having fine weather now. We are having some rain and it all blows your way so I expect you are catching it.

Fondest love to you my dear, from your loving Bob.

2 reponses to "August 20, 1897"

1. 'your way' rather than from

'your way' rather than from ***?

2. Yes, I agree - I have edited

Yes, I agree - I have edited the post. Thank you!

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