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August 1, 1897

My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear letter. I don’t know if Mother has gone back to Himley or not yet, I am sure she would be very pleased to have you there. I will find out, but expect is she is there, she will have Nana there.

I have been so busy unpacking. I have unpacked and stacked 70 boxes** of wine today.

I hope if we go to Himley that Nana will have gone before then.

Lady Powis comes today ****** she will be sorry to come away I am sure. It’s fearfully hot here, much hotter than in London; it was 120 deg yesterday and I am sure it must be 130 today.

I was so sorry not to have seen you again, and I didn’t have time to go and see the coal merchant. The flower show is on the 5th, fondest love from your own

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