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January 30, 1895

My own darling,
I am writing to you with many happy returns of the day and I am so disappointed for the man promised me the things for you and I can’t get them. I had something which I am sure you would have liked, but all the same I shan’t tell you what; you will see when you get it, but of course you won’t like it all the same because you did not get it on your Birthday. Well, it’s not my fault so there. I am going to *** them tonight or when I see them. Of course you are worked to death, always will be so long as you like to do it. I don’t like hard work myself and I have met very few that do.

If you get some Pigeons, you will know that they come from me.

His Lordship went to London this morning. Of course, I should have seen you before you get this letter, if I had come up but never mind, we will both make up for it when we do meet.

And now my own, I must close. Wishing you many happy years of life, with sincere love from your own

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