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August 7, 1895

My dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for your dear Photo, I think it quite lovely. I kissed it. I shall carry it around with me.
There is ructions here again in my absence Through me too. I stayed away too long. I believe Pea*** is leaving again but not through me at least I hope not *** *****.

I stayed on until Wed – you ought to have had that letter Monday morning. I gave a chap some money to Post it by the Mail last. I’ll punch his pudding head for him when I get back over there again; he couldn’t have posted them until Monday night. Look at the date on the envelope and let me know.

We have a grand flower show here today; we have had about a hundred to tea in the gallery. There are thousands in the park and it’s begun to rain.

Fondest love (again thanking you) from your own loving Bob, (we go to LLymystyn on Saturday next).

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