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November 1, 1894

My dear Jinnie,

Much thanks for your dear letter, I suppose you have been wondering what has become of me. Well in the first place you told me not to write if I was busy. I really have been busy. We had a terrible day yesterday on the hills in slush bogs up to ones knees, and then it began to rain but of course we couldn’t get any wetter.

One poor chap, Thom a valet, I am sure he is consumptive and should think it would about finish him off. I felt quite sorry for him, he looked done up. This all happened at Wynnstay, and I have just come from there and found a letter from Mar***. She never mentioned the little girl, Edith, but sent her love to you when I wrote, you must have made a big hit over there.

Poll wrote a letter full of your praises but of course I shan’t let you see the letter, it might spoil you.

Mother wrote to thank me for some Partridges I sent her, which same were had when she got ‘em, you can imagine what a wase Ma, would be in, after sending to Dudley for them too, him.

The letter endeth with fondest love from your own Bob.

P.S. I hope your cold is better. Make haste and get well

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