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March 23, 1893

My dear Jane,
Many thanks for your letter. I am glad you liked the flowers and also that Mother sent you some as well. I had a letter from Fripp* the other day. He sent me his photo which I think is a very good likeness. He said in his letter that he was going up to London shortly and that he should call to see you.

Lord Powis has been here today, but as just gone. They come back here on Sat. or Wed. next. Then we all go to Walcot on Sat. following.

I shall be very glad for I seem to have been here such a long time this year.

I have got a footman at last. He has been living with the Marquis of Lansdowne. His name is Smith. He quarreled with the Butler there. Hope he won’t come that game here.

Fondest love from your own,

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