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November 2, 1891

My Dear Jinnie,

Many thanks for the Pears and the Apples but I have not found the Photo yet. Did you put it in? and really my love, I couldn’t understand your letter a bit, you didn’t finish some of the sentences, so I shall keep that one until I see you.

You did not say if you enjoyed yourself, of course you didn’t or you would have told me. Does little Edith want clothes? You know I have not seen the little thing since she was a Baby and I hope she won’t work** Mother too much.

We go to LLymystyn on Monday come back here Friday and then go to Walcot.

I hope you have found them all well at home, give my love to them.

I am sending you these violets hope you will get them fresh.

So now I must close with fondest love from your own Bob.

I haven’t got the money, I get it tonight, have heard no more about the Pub, but another at Slough but shan’t go there.

2 reponses to "November 2, 1891"

1. Does anyone know where or

Does anyone know where or what LLymystyn is?

2. Llymystyn was Lord Powis'

Llymystyn was Lord Powis' shooting lodge. It was burnt down around 1900.

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