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August 13, 1891

My Dear Jinnie,

Just a few lines to let you know that I am well. We arrived here quite safe. We had a lovely drive, quite fine all the way.

Your letter was sent here alright. I have not had much time to look around yet to tell you anything, but this place is quite country and quite Welsh. The people scarcely speak a word of English. We wanted a boy to carry letters to the agent. He said there was a boy in the village who spoke English (or Saterck) but he only knows a few words and with my few words we get along very well. I have to have an interpreter when I want to deal with the others, so you see I shall be quite Cumryge when we leave here.

I don’t think that I shall flirt more. You have said that I worry the charm is lost. No love, I have no cold and shall soon be as big as the side of a house (poor Jane) and now love, I must close with best love I remain your own loving Bob.

Mother is going to her Home for Holiday on 18 of this. Hope I shall see her not far from here.

[Note at top of letter] Would you get me a satin tie to tie in a Bow from Hopes Bros Regent St, don’t give too much.

2 reponses to "August 13, 1891"

1. Your uncertain word, I

Your uncertain word, I believe, is 'worry.' "You have said I worry the charm is lost."

2. Bob's mother was Hannah

Bob's mother was Hannah Edwards (nee Kelsall).

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