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March 9, 1890

My dear Jinnie,

You will think that I am a long time writing to you again, but I rather expected a line from you - although I told you not to write. Our people did not tell me when we were going to but here we are at Menton; it is a beautiful place with great high mountains at the back of us and the Sea in front. We are close to Italy. I could throw a stone over the border. We are in France and are just miles from Monte Carlo. I wish you were here to see darling, such lovely places.

There are a great number of Orange trees with oranges on and when the sun shines on them they look very pretty. I am going out tonight with a Valet to prig some. I hope we shan’t get caught.

I hope you got the flowers alright that I sent you from Cannes. I could not put a letter in or they would have stopped it at the Port office - they open them.

Dear Jinnie, I have no idea where we are going from here. I don’t think they stay here long as they could not get rooms in Italy, but dear Jinnie you might easily have put a letter in the packet that Joe sends. Her Ladyship sends him word where we go and she does not tell me till the day before we go. Address it to St James Sqr and post it – he [Joe] won’t know that it’s from you, do you see? I always open the Packet.

Give my love to your sisters and Mrs Billington and the Boy. I don’t think we shall be back quite so soon as expected.

His Lordship has a bad cold today and been in bed. My eyes have been bad, but I have some lotion for them and they are better. I hope you are well my darling, there is a battle of flowers here tomorrow.

So good bye darling believe me always your own loving,

3 reponses to "March 9, 1890"

1. I'm Bob and Jinnie's great

I'm Bob and Jinnie's great great granddaughter and I love this site!! It's so cool that I can read what my great great grandparents wrote to one another :D :D :D

2. Interesting use of language

Interesting use of language displayed here, particularly the verb 'prig'.
Do we presume that 'Mrs Billington and the Boy' were Jinnie's mother and younger brother?
I am champing at the bit to read more, but that will have to wait for a while.

3. I believe that Jinnie's

I believe that Jinnie's sister married a Billington.

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