For as long as I can remember, a small and dusty old leather suitcase resurfaced every few years in our large London home. Inside was a jumble of old letters covered with writing that, as a child, I couldn't even begin to read. My grandmother showed me an old picture of a lady to whom the letters were written. As I looked at the image and then at the name inscribed on each envelope, I imaged only the romance. Much of the handwriting is hard to decipher and I was never read any excerpts from the letters; it is only now, thirty years later, that I have truly begun to understand and see through the romance to the plain and simple people preserved in the pages; they were very much like you and me.

Jinnie and Bob were engaged for over 13 years. We don't know what happened to all the other letters Bob must have written to Jinnie (presumably there were others), or what happened to the letters that Jinnie wrote to Bob. The letters published here are a tiny peak into their relationship and an even smaller glimmer of the lives and the world that lay beyond.

To make the letters lightly more readable, I have added a little punctuation and occasionally added a word to make the sentences flow however, my edits were few and I never changed the meaning. Here and there, I came across a word or words that I was unable to decipher; these are marked with a **.